6 Things Not To Text Your Ex About Insurance & Loans



1. Using Shorthand


Remember to say no to abbreviations when texting a girl. It is like texting her a pick-up line that is going nowhere. It is just like Mortgage Refinance so you better do your research when you try to hit on a girl. Your looks won’t matter if you don’t do what you are supposed to do. You must let a few hours pass by before texting again in order to make her think that you are busy. You must not call her often too like Mortgage Refinance as it won’t be wise to do that because she will end up rejecting your call every now and then. It is a good thing there are a lot of new apps where you can message the girl for free if you have connection to the Internet. It can get pretty addicting as you will lose track of time while you are messaging her. It would be a big Insurance plan if you text a girl abbreviations. An Insurance plan is something that is taken seriously and if you are not taking your life seriously yet then you can approach a girl and see how she feels if you tell her that she does not look pretty. It would be a first if you find out exactly how she feels. Besides, there is no harm in trying it out but better be prepared with the consequences that come with it or you will be surprised at what happens next.

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